Terms & Conditions


1. In these terms and conditions of sale the expression “The Company” means Stourport Wholesale Carpets. And the “purchaser” means the company, firm or persons to whom the goods are supplied by the Company under this contract.

2. No description of goods by the company in any leaflet, catalogue or other written matter shall constitute a contract of sale of goods by description for the purposes of the Sale Of Goods Act 1893 and the Sale Of Goods Act 1980.
3. Any reference to weights and dimensions or performances contained in any catalogue. Leaflet or other written matter by the company is approximate only and shall not constitute an implied term of this contract.

4. The Company shall not be responsible for any consequence of non-delivery or late delivery of goods due to any causes beyond its control (such as weather, fire, strike, government control or shortages of (materials/labour) and no such non delivery or late delivery shall entitle the purchaser to rescind this contract.
The company urges patience from it’s customers regarding deliveries during annual and bank holidays and, also during the companies annual stocktaking period, as this may cause an extended delay to our stated delivery times.

4b. Ireland, Scotland and offshore isles may also incur an additional delivery surcharge. This will be related to the size, weight and type of product that is being shipped. In these instances we suggest you do the following:
Place the order in the normal way. We will then contact you with the additional charge (if any) and apply this to your order. You will then be able to either accept or cancel your order based on these charges.

4c. Due to the Automatic nature of the carriage calculation system we reserve the right to contact the customer and alter the carriage cost if the cost is higher than carriage charged.
5. The company will not accept any claim relating to the condition or quantity of goods delivered unless formal written notice of any such claim is received by the company within seven days of the delivery date.

6. The Company will not in any circumstances accept liability for any consequential loss of profits or third party claims or detention or delay or expenses of any kind howsoever caused.
7. Whilst any money remains outstanding by the customer to the Company, title to all goods(under any contract) shall remain vested in this company. This Company may recover any goods upon demand and shall resell at our own discretion. The purchaser shall hold such goods as trustee for this company and any resale of the goods by the purchaser shall not involve the passing of title from this company unless and until the goods have been paid for in full.

8. Products of multiple origin.
9. All prices shall be subject to increase in the event of increases in wages or raw materials occasioned by government act or regulation and any other relevant increase occurring before completion of any order. All offers and discounts are for orders over £40.

10. All samples are to be paid for by the purchaser, unless agreed prior to despatch, if trading commences on the same items, a credit can be issued.
11. These conditions of sale shall apply to every order passed with the company and no substitution or condition in the purchasers order form or condition of trade or the like which would or might negative derogate from conflict with or qualify any of these conditions of sale shall apply to such order unless expressly accepted by the company in writing.

12. An interest charge of 25% will be levied against outstanding invoices or part invoices remaining unpaid.
13. A restocking charge of 30% will be levied if goods are returned without prior agreement with Stourport Wholesale Carpets.

14. Any purchases (client) instructing us to despatch goods direct to their customer has to be the purchases (clients) risk.
15. Any delivery note signed in an unclear fashion or undated by the purchaser (recipient) has to be taken as correct, the purchaser has a responsibility to sign for material in full, full signature/full printed name and dated.